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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July week{end}

We had a great 4th of July. Lots of food & fun. On the 4th we went to a local parade. We got so much candy & Hailee had so much fun! The parade lasted over an hour!

After the parade we went to my cousins house for a mini cookout Hailee had fun in the pool, a lil boy squirted dish soap in the pool so Hailee was loving the bubbles.

In the afternoon we went to our friends cookout/party. We played cornhole, Hailee blew bubbles, jump roped, hula hooped, drew with chalk, played a lil cornhole of her own, played with rocks & just had so much fun with all the toys!

Once it go closer to dark the "boys" lit off some loud fireworks and when dark finally came Hailee did sparklers, "glitters" as she called them, and then we watched them light off the big pretty fireworks, had smores & called it a night. Hailee ends up sleeping til noon the next day she was so worn out!

On sunday we went back to the fair since it was the last day! The kids rode a few rides and we ended up coming home since it was soooo crowded!

We continued the fun on Monday at the beach. It was Hailees first time going into the lake and she wasnt scared at all!! She loved the sand she even buried herself.

We had alot of fun!!


  1. Only 3 more weeks of school.. and then.. Serenity and I are going to take a day trip down...

  2. Wow, you all had a great day! I love all of the photos. And the dish soap in the pool is hilarious! Great idea, play and get a bath all in one. lol!!


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