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Friday, July 10, 2009

A lil irratated! A bad Huffy review!

We bought Hailee a beautiful Disney Princess Tricyle by Huffy at Toys R US. I was so excited to give her the bike. We ended up giving it to her early. She did not know how to ride a bike yet so when she couldnt push the pedals I didnt think nothing of it. Well a lil while has passed and she still cant not push the pedals so we get some of the older negihborhood kids to try & ride it, they struggle. The pedals are so hard to push you have to use force.

Right when we first realized the pedals didnt work properly I checked my receipt and we were one day over the 90 day return! So that was a no go!

Being that Huffy is a pretty popular company I thought maybe giving them a call would possibly help us out. The lady at Huffy was very rude. She said there is nothing they can do. So my baby has to watch all the kids ride their bikes while she sits on hers hoping it will move!

I wouldnt be so mad if we didnt spend $60 on the bike.

I checked out and the reviews for th ebike all say the same thing. I wish I would have known before buying the bike.

I choose a trike becuase she has short legs and couldnt reach the pedals on the bigger bikes. I should have just waited!

Myself or my family will not be purchasing any bike from Huffy again!

Anyone have a good bike I can review?


  1. we were gonna buy tyler the thomas huffy tricycle, now i dont think so

  2. Can the pedals or the chain be changed out? Can WD-40 be applied? I hate the thought of her sitting on her bike watching the other kids--it's one of the saddest visuals!


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