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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Soft Landing Review

I love the Safe Sippy we use it all the time around here. I mainly love it because its stainless stell & Hailee loves to drink her milk very cold. Using the Safe Sippy her milk is always cold!

The Soft Landing gave us the opportunity to review the Safe Sippy 2 which I love so much! The Safe Sippy 2 has the option of a straw so it doesn’t need to be tilted to drink from. The Safe Sippy is made of non-leaching stainless steel that holds 11 ounces. It has removable handles & has a travel plug to use so you won’t have an accidental leak so it can be put in a purse or bag when not in use. It comes with a cover dome for the spout when you’re traveling to protect from dust & dirt!
The best feature of course being that it is BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free!

Original Features

Made from durable, eco-friendly stainless steel
Angled, straw shaped spout: research has shown that a wide, flat drink spout can cause developmental and speech problems in young mouths.
Outer Sleeve: The rubbery covering surrounding the cup is called TPR, or thermo plasticized rubber. It provides insulation for cold liquids on hot summer days, and protects little hands from the cold. It also acts as a cushion to protect the cup from dents.
Removable Handles: The handles are made with a bumpy texture to help little hands hang onto the cup. Once a child is big enough to grip the bottle using the ribbed waist, the handles can be removed.
Top rack dishwasher safe
Holds 11 ounces

It also comes in blue or teal with orange handles and top. You can get your own Safe Sippy 2 from The Soft Landing for $15.00!

The Soft Landing carries a wide variety of BPA, PVC, & Phthalate Free items from bottles to books!

Some of the other producst Id love to purchase from The Soft Landing are the Kinderville Little Bites Silicone Kids Dishes, Contigo Autoseal Kids Travel Mugs, & The Munchie Mug for all of Hailee's snacking!

My name is Alicia Voorhies and I’m a recently retired RN with a specialty in developmental disabilities, as well as the range of illnesses that accompanies this field of nursing. What started as a nice long sabbatical to spend time with my three children turned into a full-time pursuit of alternatives to toxic plastic.

While searching for safe feeding gear, I realized how limited the information was and how few options were available. What started as a growing awareness of toxic plastics, became a mission to care for my own children and newborn nephews. A highly motivated search team grew out of my concerned family members and now we work together to find the highest quality non-toxic baby care products for our children and yours.

I am also the author of The Soft Landing Blog featuring feeding product reviews, toxic plastic research and quick reference shopping guides. My product research has been cited by ABC News, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Kansas City Star and health-conscious websites such as National Geographic's The Green Guide, Enviroblog and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Whether you’re looking for Bisphenol-a free bottles and sippy cups or lead free bibs, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. Dive in and discover how making a few key changes in the products you use can give your baby the best health advantage possible.


  1. I would also love the

  2. I love this sippy cup and the Soft Landing! I have their Go BPA Free Advanced Eating Kit on my baby registry!


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