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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well I got Hailee on the bus today and went to the park to walk, my foot was hurting but I didnt think it was anything serious so I continued to walk.

Me and my sister in law did 2 miles and my foot was killing me. We stopped at Subway for Breakfast , which was very yummy & healthy at the same time.

After I got home my foot was hurting really bad so I went to Urgent Care to find out its sprained! I am so mad, I finally get the motivation to walk & start all my dieting again and now I have to go easy on the walking part! I could scream im so mad! At least I can still do the dieting part!

Im hoping it heals quickly I love walking!


  1. Oh, so sorry sweetie! I hope it heals really quickly for you!

  2. Oh no!! Hopefully it gets better soon! Keep up the diet - I heard losing weight is 70% what you eat and 30 % what you do physically. So keep your head up!

  3. Feel better soon! those dang sprains, subconsciously trying to keep people on the couch!


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