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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giimmo Review from Hermitage Mint

Giimmo Rose The Kitty is Hailees newest favorite product. I'm sure your wondering what the heck a Giimmo is? Gimmo is a rechargable color changing LED glow light with poseable limbs!

She is super cute and has minky soft arms, legs & ears. Hailee turns all the lights off at our house just to watch her glow. She is a great friend to take to bed to use as a night light to! When she is not in use Hailee poses her on our end table as a "decoration".

Hailee used her Kitty for what seemed like forever before she needed charged! She can be tapped to turn on & off or she has a shut off switch on the bottom near the outlet for the plug.

Welcome to the world of Giimmo Magic Light, the cuddly, portable childrens night light with a rainbow heart. Giimmo is a night light your child can take to bed, providing a little extra confidence and a cozy friend. Or Giimmo Magic Light figurine could join you at the office for a little fun and cheer during the work day. Giimmo Magic Light from Heritage Mint even have magnetic hands to help you out with your paperclips.
The tough part is choosing which adorable Giimmo is your favorite. Of course Hailee choose Rose because of three reasons, her color is pink, her name has Rose in like her and she loves kitties. It was tough call tho when she saw that they have a panda, a stegosaurus & an elephant. My personal favorites would be the Moose & Frog they are too cute!

You can register your Giimmo and find out more about the wonderland of Giimmo at!


  1. That's exactly what i need my daughter is scared of the dark still. we've been looking for something to use for this.. Great product, I may check into that!

  2. I would love to get one of these for my son, he would love the frog!


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